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Tondo is my thesis project. It is based on a deep scientific research on the clinical risk management that I made with the support of the Clinical Risk Center of Tuscany.

It is a moultitouch table for medical errors in the clinical audit. Every year a huge number of medical mystakes injurie and kill hospitalized patients. In most of the cases these errors are preventable. It is important to make the medical system safer and to increase the quality of patient's life during the hospitalization.


This project aims to avoid errors in the future and to make people less defensive during the clinical audit, which is a meeting organized by a Facilitator, a physician responsible for the clinical risk in a ward. The participants are usually doctors, nurses, technical staff and people that took care of the patient while he/she was hospitalized. The main goal of the audit is to analyze and prevent medical mystakes.


Starting from a research on the clinical risk I then focused my attention on the main problem of the audit. People are always defensive and worried to be accused for the mystake, so they don't share what they know. I tried to resolve this problem designing interactions that help them to collaborate without having fear. Some user tests comfirmed that the software is intuitive and easy to learn.


Graphics are vivid and clear in order to make the interactions intuitive and human.The interface is designed to be quickly understood by a large target of users.


The table has been realized with a circular shape, in order to not create distinctions between participants and to make them feeling comfortable during the clinical audit.

More info

Tondo has been made with the supervision of Gillian Crampton Smith and the co-supervision of Philip Tabor, heads of the Interaction Design programme at Iuav University of Venice.
There are much more info to know about Tondo and a whole research that I wrote step by step during my thesis. This page is under construction.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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